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We are the timber specialists from Germany. We provide various services in the field of timber trading and production. From the harvesting in the forest  over the logistics on the ground and up to the loading logs to the ship - we offer the complete solutions for your needs. 


We offer all kinds of wood.


Currently we are loading the  blown down and preserved with water logs from France in our depots in haven  Kehl / Rhein and Epinal, each equipped with siding having the direct connection to the railway network. This allows us to present our clients with broad assortment  of logs.


Together with our partners we also offer timber of high quality like for example birch and beech and many others.


Our log yard in France you can see here.

Here is our depot in Kehl.


We have a long experience in organization of wood harvesting, loading and any kind of  transportation of wood. We can offer you a solution anywhere in Europe, using the most efficient transportation alternatives and best-choice haven.  

IMAN 2x96 50%.jpg (50418 Byte)

IMAN 1993 Rostock 39.000 fm Beech, Spruce und pine logs for Turkey. 

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